December 19, 2011

A Season of Difference

There's a new post at Support for Special Needs for your consideration. It deals with the holidays and how Schuyler's "differentness" may be coloring her own perspective on them. It's about being different, as a little girl with a broken brain and as a family, and how one may inform the other.

Schuyler is growing up; she turns twelve on Wednesday. Sometimes I look at her and see the young woman she is becoming, and my feelings about that are... complicated. As are most things where Schuyler is concerned. Most things, except her love, which is the purest thing in the world.


Ethel Mertz said...

I love when a current picture of "Young Woman Schuyler" lines up with the picture of "Little Girl Schuyler" on the front of your book (on the side of the blog).
(this has absolutely nothing to do with the post, I just love watching her grow)

Sabrina said...

Another wonderful article, Robert! I loved reading it (as I do with all of your blog posts and articles). I agree with you that family is exponentially important during the holiday season no matter what you believe spiritually. May you, Julie and Schuyler have the happiest of holidays this year and might 2012 be a wonderful year for you as well.

Pearlie said...

Another comment about the picture not the post: Love the coat! Schuyler is my fashion icon, for real.

Rebecca said...

A few days early, but Happy Birthday Schuyler, aave a super fantastic day!