November 15, 2012

Movember monster face

Yes, it's November, which means that for the second year in a row, I'm growing a sad little creature on my lip in the cause of promoting men's health (my own sickly facial hair notwithstanding) for Movember.

This year's timing couldn't be more challenging, with the very real need for charitable donation for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. (I've said it time and time again, but killer storms really do need more badass names, like Vladimir or Spike.) As a result, I'm not surprised or disappointed by the lack of Movember donations this year. Still, it's a good cause and I hoping to make a little difference as the rest of the month presses on.

To that end, I wrote a brief little guest post for the folks over at Totsy regarding my own reasons for getting involved in the Movember project. I'm grateful to them for asking for my input.

I realized this year what I was shooting for with my own facial atrocity. I'm not looking for some big Joseph Stalin, Magnum P.I., Sam Elliott level moustache. I'll settle for the Principal Rooney. Save Ferris!


stacy said...

YES! I've said the same about storms needing scarier names. I think Frankenstorm was a pretty good start.

Sabrina said...

The way Sandy tore through us, that name is definitely too cutesy for a storm. I agree on Spike being a MUCH better option. ;)

Natalia said...

Rob, I usually don't comment on strangers blog's, and that's probably why you had no idea I've been your reader for a long time. But not a single wold in those last sentences matter.
My point is: you rock!!!! Just a few minutes ago I learned a little girl with lots of communication difficulties might get a device that will help her tremendously . Thank you for sharing your story, it really helps others. I will send via email the link to her mom's blog, so you can see the role your book played in this lovely girls life.

sara said...

Why I am delurking for this, after 5 years, I have no idea, BUT: every man participating in Movember looks exactly like Ed Rooney to me. And they don't get my NINE TIMES? NINE TIMES joke. Making me realize that I am old enough now that not everyone has seen or even heard of the movies from my teen years. Making this the most depressing Movember in history.