February 4, 2013

Sometimes We Celebrate

This morning, over at Support for Special Needs:
"Sometimes we don’t ask too many questions. Sometimes we don’t pick apart the decisions made by the people in her life, or try to look too deeply into those processes. Sometimes we don’t need to hear how a judge might make a choice based on something besides technical perfection or demonstration of proficiency, but instead on something larger, more powerful, and less subjective. We don’t need to know what moved someone to do a kind thing for Schuyler, or to try to measure the exact thing that a positive mark might be recognizing. People make fun of the “A for effort” without realizing that sometimes, the effort is the thing. It’s not the often-mocked “everyone’s a winner” approach. It’s more an acknowledgement that for some, the effort really is Herculean, and the fruits of that effort deserve accolades."

Congratulations to Schuyler, my very own Division I award-winning Valkyrie ninja marimba warrior.


GB's Mom said...

Congratulations, Schuyler. You, too, Rob. You fight the good fight.

Skye said...

She's so beautiful. Congratulations, Schuyler! Congratulations also, to your very proud Mum and Dad. Best wishes from Skye in Australia. x

Sheri Browning said...

That's one happy girl!
Congratulations, Schuyler!!!

Jim W said...


jmiller said...

OH gosh - LOVE the last line!!